Doors and Windows in double glazing
Thermic and phonic isolation

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PVC Joinery

The PVC is a material perfectly appropriate to the joineries. Indeed, the internal joineries as the external are under the control of different types of agression (bad weather, repeated manipulation).

Choose carefully the good material is essential. We make and install joineries PVC for the uncontested performances of that material. Indeed, the PVC has a big thermics, phonics and safe performances. Moreover, the PVC resists to the hardest climatic conditions and adapts perfectly to the external joineries.


PVC Profile

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Doors & Windows PVC:

  • Property of isolation high
  • Thickness of glazing to 4.3mm
  • 70mm of thickness
  • The modern concept
  • Invisible, hidden by possible drainage - concept of the bar of glass inside
  • Simple possibility of resit to the accommodation of the controlled ventilation
  • Twice the concept of the diversity in the wing
  • Contour profile particular optic
  • 2 levels of water-resistance in circulation for a water-resistance


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Isolator and stable PVC, change your view on the PVC.


The best allied of durable development

  • Ultra –efficient isolation
  • A guaranteed PVC fabrication without plumb
  • A recyclable material to 99 %


Longevity, solidity and easiness of maintenance

  • Stable material
  • Shockproof treatment and protection of UV
  • Finish the chore of paint, with a luminous glass easily cleaned


Strong points

  • Adapts to all kinds of building , in new and renovation
  • Covering wings about 30, 40, 70 and 79mm
  • Air-water-wind resistance measured ripping on our bench of tests in the factory